We have about 20+ empty boxes we used for moving. Some are good strong storage boxes with lids and others were bought from Lowe's and U-Haul. Some boxes had fresh fruit in them and have multiple trays. Need to get rid of them fairly quickly or they will end up at the city recycling station. Pickup at our house here in St. Joseph, MO.
Large maple tree. Fell in storm. You can see we have kind of piled it out of our way. Free. Bring your own chain saw and labor. Not responsible for accidents. Call or text for more detailslocation. Will remove ad when someone shows up.
I have some excavating Im going to do this fall. If anyone wants to come and park their dump trailer or container here for me to load the dirt in they are welcome to it. It looks like good black dirt. Ill probably be taking about 12 inches off of a 35 x 20 patch of ground. Not sure what that equates to in cubic feet but feel free to do the math.
These fixtures hold 4 4 bulbs. We replaced them with LEDs. Please call between 10am and 7pm. Located at Title Town Fitness.
Vintage homemade costume is 1/2 angel and 1/2 devil. Has "Human Conflict" printed on front - could possibly be painted over with fabric paint? Guessing size to be girls jr 6 or 8. Horn on hat and tail are permanently attached, wing and foil covered halo are separate pieces. NEEDS IRONING.
Homemade clown costume, needs new elastic strung through casings on neck, wrists and ankles. Pattern size says 6-8 but it seems a little bigger. Includes tie-on ruffle collar and plastic clown nose.
With the people I am staying with now dont like dogs and said that in order for her to stay her shots needs updated and etc and I just dont have the money nor will I anytime soon. If you want more info just text